What is Measure N?

MEASURE N provides the means to regulate marijuana growth in the county and curtail the widespread growth of cannabis not used for medicinal purposes. The county sheriff's department reported that, in 2013 alone, 141 unlawful marijuana cultivation sites were discovered. The sheriff's department supports the board of supervisors in their attempt to limit the amount of marijuana grown in the county, allowing only for regulated growth of medical marijuana.
The Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a comprehensive Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance in December for good reason: to protect Lake County residents, visitors, and businesses from the violence and intimidation that often accompany residential marijuana grows and their drug processing operations.
Many businesses, residents, and visitors have suffered because of wide spread back yard grows in residential areas:

1. Resort owners report that guests leave early and cancel reservations for following years because of the visible drug culture here; County and Chamber of Commerce efforts to relocate businesses here fail for the same reason

2. Long-time residents feel they lost the safe use of their homes and yards because of the threatening behaviors of surrounding growers and guards under the influence; many have been threatened and intimidated for complaining, and one family fled when growers began to follow their little girl home from school

3. Tourists are reluctant to visit here because of national and international coverage of grower behavior in the county; one visitor was robbed, beaten, and shot at.
Measure “N”:

• Protects those who need medical marijuana in compliance with the Compassionate Use Act
• Prohibits outdoor grows in Community Growth Boundaries – most of our residential neighborhoods
• Allows indoor grows throughout the County
• Increases grow site security measures
• Allow limited outdoor grows outside Community Growth Boundaries
• Curtails the insanely lucrative commercial growing – estimated at up to $2,500 per pound by one NORML economist
• Strengthens environmental protections
• Improves enforcement capabilities
• Allows for co-operative grows.

Vote “Yes” on Measure “N” to take back our neighborhoods.

Vote “Yes” on Measure “N” to keep Lake County visitor-friendly.

Vote “Yes” on Measure “N” to help grow our business base and economy.
Remember – your vote is secret. ”

Measure N is Endorsed By...

Lake County Deputy Sheriff’s Association - See Article

Lake County Chamber of Commerce

Many Citizens of Lake County

On behalf of the Citizens Committee, thank you for your consideration.

Why Vote Yes on N

• It bans outdoor cultivation in community growth boundaries.
• It limits indoor grows to 100 square feet or less.
• It keeps outdoor cultivation 1,000 feet from schools, parks or other facilities serving children and 100 feet from bodies of water.
• It offers quicker response to violations and makes the Lake County Sheriff's Office responsible for enforcement.

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How Can You Help?

Donate to the campaign efforts
√ Endorse Yes on N
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√ Submit a ‘letter to the editor’

√ Join the 'Yes on N’ committee
√ Tell your neighbors to VOTE Yes on N!


Guns and Armor protecting grow
Guns and Armor protecting marijuana grow

The Citizens For A Safer Lake County - YES ON MEASURE N take ACTION to support a Yes Vote on Measure N

Committee for YES on N is now ACTIVE & ENGAGED--“Citizens for a Safer Lake County, Yes on Measure N”-- #1364578.

With urgency, the YES on N committee if forging forward fast to get the word out and get the support we need to MAKE SURE Measure N passes on June 3rd.

We need your help and we need it FAST.
There are so many items on the ballot affecting our Lake County and its future. Many are calling on you for support of candidates and other measures; Measure N needs your support NOW.

If Measure N fails to pass on June 3rd, the County of Lake will have NO ordinance which means NO way to regulate the cultivation of marijuana in our county.

But what about the interim ordinance?
The current interim ordinance will expire the first week of July 2014. The County will not have a legal option to extend the interim ordinance again, nor will it have the option to approve a different Interim Cultivation Ordinance.

What happens next?
There will be little, if any, enforcement action by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office of large grow sites in our communities. The enforcement option that will be available is for the sites that are in clear violation of California’s vague marijuana laws. If a grower has a 99 plant recommendation from a doctor, they will be in compliance with the State laws in the absence of any local regulations to limit plant amounts and locations.

If Measure N fails, what does the future of Lake County look like?
Lake County will become an extremely attractive place for more growers to move here, cultivate for profit and register to vote. The local marijuana growers are organized and have already written their own marijuana ordinance that will be placed on the November 2014 ballot.

No other County in California has this problem, and given our small population of only 67,000 it is much easier for growers to be able to take control of Lake County. The cumulative impact of thousands of unregulated or at best, lightly regulated marijuana grow sites in Lake County would be massive. The heavy use of phosphorous will continue and accelerate, and there will be no saving Clear Lake or our watersheds.

A strong stance needs to be taken now, June 4th will be too late.
Join the efforts of the Citizens for a Safer Lake County – Yes on Measure N or DONATE to the campaign.

Who are the committee members for YES on N?
We are the many citizens of Lake County concerned about the numerous LARGE “for profit” marijuana grows here in OUR Lake County and the increase in 'out of county’ profit seekers who exploit Prop 215 and the true intention of “medicinal” marijuana use and production.